Human centric, fair and thriving data economy

Finland held a High-Level Conference on the Data Economy on 25 and 26 November 2019 in Helsinki, as part of Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union. At the conference, the Presidency released the ‘Principles for a human-centric, thriving and balanced data economy’.

You can find the finalized paper on Data Economy Principles here

The data principles were drafted during Finland’s Presidency based on broad interaction at EU-level between policymakers, experts and other stakeholders. At the beginning of autumn 2019 the principles were also put online at this website for everybody to join in the discussion.

We have been fortunate to get valuable feedback for our work on the data principles. Therefore we want to thank everybody for their valuable and insightful contributions to the data principles and to the data economy discussion that is now reflected in the final document.

The principles created during Finland’s Presidency should be seen as input for further work on data policy. They can serve as a useful tool in building a balanced, coherent and interoperable data-policy framework that serves the goal of a human-centric and thriving data economy.