Reusable by default. Data sets need to be interoperable and harmonised in a structured format to enable flow of data in automated processes.

All new initiatives for the production, collection and processing of data should be based on the principle of interoperability and in mutual reciprocity.

Reusability should be supported by interoperability measures such as

  • open standards and structured data sets
  • commonly used technologies and information systems
  • codes of conduct and model contractual agreements
  • governance structures for data exchange and value sharing in ecosystems.

Restrictions on data sharing should be based on well-defined reasoning at the corporate policy level and should not restrict third-party value creation. 

Conditions for data sharing that is justified by a clear and demonstrable public interests need to be established. Public bodies should ensure that their request for the reuse of private data are balanced (e.g. proportionality, functioning markets).